Tips for custom latch hook projects

When creating a latch hook project from your own picture, there are a few things that will improve the look of the final project. For example, a complex background will require more colors of yarn, and will detract from the subject of the project.

In general, the simpler the picture, the better chance that your final project will reflect the original picture. Below are a few specific tips to try.

Computer screens generally display at 72 pixels per inch or better. Latch hook projects are a maximum of 5 yarns per inch. This means that the (resolution) quality of a latch hook project will be far less than what you see on your screen. 72ppi x 72ppi means that you see 5,184 pixels in a square inch on a computer screen, while you only get 5x5, or 25 yarns per square inch with latch hook!

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